April 19, 2013

Brad Kalvo: a hairy daddy


  1. He used to be so hot and masculine. Now, well, let's just say you can tell he doesn't workout any longer and leave at that.

  2. June 9, 2013.
    Brad Kalvo is the epitome of a hairy, virile and hot man in today's gay dvds. He is reminscent of the 1970s man where men did not ever shave their bodies. In the later pictures,
    it appears that he halted from shaving his back which is indeed an attribute. It enhanced his
    appeal and popularity. I have been an admirer of his since he began. It is always a pleasure
    to view him in scenes. It would be great to see him appear in a scene with either Tim Kelley
    or Jake Deckard or even Chris Steel....all three hairy older men. It would also be hot to see
    Brad bottom in a scene, as it seems that he only tops.

  3. Brad is so very hot and delicious!

  4. I would love to have Brad as my husband. He is so fucking hot, sexy and I love his furry body. WOOF